Food Tour Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Panorama

A half day blend of Dubrovnik food tour experience and panorama view in a stunning setting of Dalmatian countryside including stroll through the local market and scenic drive with visit to several city landmarks ending in traditional Dalmatian stone house for hands-on culinary experience. During this food tour you’ll learn about Croatian traditional food, Mediterranean herbs, learn how to buy organic fruits and vegetables, visit Dubrovnik landmarks, overview some Game of Thrones filming locations and participate in preparing grilled fish or meat on ‘peka’ style while tasting fine Croatian wines. 

Dalmatian Traditional Food

Prosciutto and cheese

Grilled Fish and Peka

Grilled Fish and Peka

  • Itinerary:

    Your food lover guide will pick you up in the morning hours and take you to the local market to enjoy vibrations while picking up fresh, organic, seasonal fruits, vegetables and fish from Adriatic. You will meet local fisherman and farmers and learn how to choose the best ingredients!

    After supplying for our cooking experience you will enjoy scenic drive through Dubrovnik countryside. While tasting fresh seasonal fruits you will visit spring of river Ombla, summer residences of Dubrovnik republic nobility and top of the Mt. Srdj (cable car summit). From Srdj you can enjoy breathtaking view of Dubrovnik surrounding like Elafiti islands, neighboring Bosnia & Hercegovina and Montenegro. From the view point you will also overview many Game of Thrones filming locations like Lokrum (city of Qarth), King’s Road, Joffrey’s wedding reception site, Black Water bay, Red Keep, Trial by Combat site and King’s Landing. Morning sunshine gives you opportunity for great photos. Dubrovnik panorama drive will end in traditional Dalmatian farmhouse where cooking class will begin.

    On arrival in our traditional Dalmatian farmhouse, after introduce by our host, we’ll cheer with liqueur for ladies, rakija for man and cold platter of prosciutto and cheese. Now, get ready to role up your sleeves and start preparing fire for barbecue and traditional Croatian food preparing style - ‘peka’. For best flavor we use wood of grapevine and olives. While some can slice organic vegetables; tomato, mangold, potato, onion for salad and side dish, others will clean the fish and spice it with Adriatic salt from town Ston and rosemary. Your driver/guide, who is a great expert for traditional Dalmatian cuisine, will reveal you all secrets of how to make best grilled fish, best ‘peka’ and ‘al dente’ prepared vegetable. In this rural ambient you’ll taste 3 finest examples of red wines by local vintner. Proprietress will teach you how to prepare traditional sweet – ‘rozata’. Finally, it’s time to sit down and enjoy delicious lunch you have prepared! Final flavor is given by domestic extra virgin olive oil. Meal will be paired with fine selection of red or white wines from region while those who prefer something else will be offered by local bears, domestic juices and other soft drinks. Enjoy delicious lunch and beautiful view on Dubrovnik Riviera!

    At the end of this authentic food tour your driver will take you back to town.   

  • Departure:
    morning tour from Pile gate (Old town)
    all year round at 07:30

    afternoon tour from Pile gate (Old town)
    10.11. - 07.01. at 14:30
    08.01. – 01.02. at 15:00
    02.02. – 24.02. at 15:30
    25.02. – 28.03. at 16:00
    29.03. – 16.04. at 17:30
    17.04. – 13.05. at 18:00
    14.05. – 07.08. at 18:30
    08.08. – 27.08. at 18:00
    28.08. – 13.09. at 17:30
    14.09. – 30.09. at 17:00
    01.10. – 26.10. at 16:30
    27.10. – 09.11. at 15:00

  • Duration: 7h

  • Included:

    English speaking driver/guide, three courses meal in countryside farmhouse (prosciutto and cheese, salad, grilled fish, ‘peka’ meat meal, and dessert ‘rozata’), fine selection of Dalmatian red and white wines, soft drinks and water

  • Not included: Other than specified

  • Type of service: Public

    *In case of fulfilling the minimum participants/payments requirement, tour can be organized as a private option!

  • Transportation method: Van for up to 8 person

Departure date Departure time
Child (0-6)
Junior (7-17)
Adult (18+)

Market | + 20min Picking up ingredients 07:40 to 08:00

Kaboga res. | + 15min visit 08:15 to 08:30

Sorkočević res. | + 20min visit 08:40 to 09:00

Ombla | + 15min visit 09:05 to 09:20

Bridge | + 5min photo stop 09:30 to 09:35

Mt. Srdj | +1h view point and top 10:00 to 11:00

Konoba | +3h Peka, grilled fish & wine 11:15 to 14:15

Dubrovnik | tour duration 7h 14:30

At least 6 person (6600.00 HRK payment) in total is required for morning tour to go.
At least 3 person (3300.00 HRK payment) in total is required for evening tour to go.

(1 Person) TOTAL : 1,100.00 HRK