Sarajevo & Mostar Private Day Trip from Dubrovnik

To feel Oriental culture while in Dubrovnik is something you shouldn't miss. This exploring day trip takes you to the old medieval town Počitelj, to the pearl of Hercegovina, Mostar, and its old bridge and to place of event which announced beginning of first world war Sarajevo. You will drive through tipical natural environment of Hercegovina region, full of karst phenomenas like river springs, waterfalls and lakes. You will learn of Počitelj's urban entirety preserved through history to the present times, see the famous single-arch bridge in Mostar built by Suleiman the Magnificent, walk the Bazaar, learn of city’s suffering during war in 90’s and enjoy the local cuisine. On the way from Mostar to Sarajevo we will pass river Neretva. Jablanica is great place to see how famous Jablanička roasted lamb on skewer is prepared and perhaps to taste it. In capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina we will spend several hours exploring city and its surroundings. We will learn about the suffering of Sarajevo city during the Siege, see the only connection of the city under siege and walk through that 'Tunnel of Hope'. From the nearby mountain Trebević, which was front line of defense during war, we will enjoy beautifull panorama of city but also see many remains of bunkers, minefields, tank caterpillar tracks, tranches, bullet and grenade shrapnels and many other interesting sites of destruction. Visit to this unique city we will finish with walk along the Baščaršija street where you can taste original 'Turkish cofee' and have some free time before departure back to Dubrovnik.

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Sarajevo, the city with oriental soul, once a symbol of war and destruction matured to become the crossroad of cultures, nationes and religiones. Walk the streets of Sarajevo, visit „Tunnel of hope“ and enjoy a panoramic view over the city from mountain Trebevic.

Tripadvisor johntregenza: „Our driver Bo Bo was very helpful and informative throughout. He arrived exactly on time for both trips and his English was excellent. He also found us two great restaurants.Vehicle was in very good condition. We will remember for a long time our visits to Mostar,Sarajevo,Podgorica,Kotor etc. Good value for money. Would use this company again.“ Read more

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Mostar, a city renowned for its cultural and religious variety and sadly, violent recent past. Place where East meets the West, walk the iconic Mostar bridge, which gave city its name, (“most” is Croatian for “bridge”) and still separates the Muslim and Christian sides of town, take a look of small bridge „Kriva ćuprija“, the Koski Mehmed Paša Mosque or buy souvenirs at the famous Bazar.

Tripadvisor Steve S: „This is the third year we have used this company and we literally have nothing but praise for their excellent service. I would recommend them to anyone. In the previous two years we have used them for a total of six day tours. This year we asked them to pick us up from our hotel in Zagreb, take us on a day's tour of Zagreb, and then the next day take us to Dubrovnik. We then had a day trip to Sarajevo and a further day trip to Mostar. Ivo was efficient, friendly, and very helpful in setting up the trips. Our driver was Matija (apologies if I have misspelt his name). He was absolutely wonderful, and we both felt that he was more of a travelling companion than someone who drove the car. He is a very intelligent man, with a deep knowledge about the history and culture of the country and region. He could not have done more to help us nor more to find out what our interests were and then to suggest things for us to see and do. He was also an excellent driver, and we always felt entirely safe in his hands during the 30 or so hours he was driving us. He also had a great sense of humour. We were both sorry to have to say goodbye to him at the airport when we flew home. As you can tell, we rate this company very highly indeed, and we rate this driver particularly highly. The key thing is to tell Ivo and Matija what your interests are and they will do all they can to satisfy you. I should also add that time was not an issue. We agreed a price for the trips with Ivo, but Matija insisted that we took as long as we wanted at each stop. This meant that days were usually 10-14 hours long. Outstanding service, and truly great people to deal with.“ Read more

  • Itinerary:

    Departure of this tour is early in the morning. The first stop is a tiny town called Počitelj. Built in the fifteenth century was a cultural center and strategic military outpost that changed hands several three times between competing empires. Thirty kilometers down the road, Mostar is the next visit on our route. Walking the medieval cobbled streets of Mostar you can see a mix of Western and Oriental culture and often hear the Adhan (Islamic call to prayer) and ringing of church bells at the same time. Do some souvenir shopping in the old Bazaar, climb the minaret of a beautiful mosque and taste the traditional dessert Baklava with Turkish coffee before continuing our tour northward toward the capital. Get off the beaten path for an exclusive taste of the famous local cuisine, Jablanička roasted lamb, which is slow cooked on a spit over the fire in the traditional fashion. The story of Sarajevo is colorful, sad and inspiring. You will visit old bunkers on the nearly mountain of Trebević and enjoy the best panorama view of the city. You will walk through the “Tunnel of Hope“ and You will hear all about the history of this amazing city and the invincible spirit of its people. During your free time in Sarajevo, don’t forget to try the world’s best čevapi and maybe another Turkish coffee before heading back to Dubrovnik.

  • Departure: 07:30

  • Duration: 15h

  • Included:

    English speaking driver/guide and air-conditioned vehicle/fuel for entire day (additional languages available upon request), pick-up and drop-off at your hotel, 4h tour in Sarajevo and entrance fee for Tunnel of Hope

  • Not included: Meals and other than specified

  • Type of service: Private

  • Transportation method: VW Sharan for 1 – 4 person, Opel Vivaro van for 5 – 8 person, MB Sprinter minibus for 9 – 19 person

Departure date Departure time
Child (0-6)
Junior (7-17)
Adult (18+)

Počitelj | + 30min 09:15 to 09:45

Mostar | + 30min 10:15 to 10:45

Sarajevo | +4h 13:00 to 17:00

Dubrovnik | tour duration 15h 22:00

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(1 Person) TOTAL : 4,630.00 HRK